About Dr Kamran Afzal

Dr Kamran Afzal, who is a researcher in health, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products for skin diseases and diseases difficult to treat. Dr. Afzal's formula are quite diverse and new, consisting of Herbal, Natural and Mineral substances absolutely devoid of hormone and cortisone; They have no side effects and are suitable for both children and adults. Many of these formula lie within the realm of cosmetic, health and Herbal/Natural/Mineral products; therefore, they meet the requirement of being offered in supermarkets, drugstores and pharmacies. These formula cover a wide range from soaps, creams, conditioners, lotions, toothpastes, and rejuvenation pill to formula for curing drug addiction, AIDS, cancer and other diseases, especially refractory dermatological afflictions in conventional medicine. Most of these formula may be adds to the raw materials of plants manufacturing health, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food products. The Herbal/Natural/Mineral formula against drug addiction, for example, may be adds to cigarettes, chewing gums, or chocolates. A number of Dr. Afzal's formula are at present being used by many plants worldwide and are at the disposal of humanity. Dr. Afzal is ready to help plants manufacturing pharmaceutical, cosmetic and hygienic products, and research institutes all around the globe, so that pains of the humanity may be alleviated and people of the world enjoy natural products without fearing side effects.